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Will the world’s 51 billion tons of pollution reach zero?
Now the world has come to the great paradigm of reducing pollution and its nature of increasing global temperature.
The steel industry plays a destructive role in the emission of 3.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Strategic Institute of Green Mine and Steel (SIGMAS) was formed in 2022, in line with the global movements of de-carbonization and reduction of carbon emissions, in the field of mining and steel, with a founding members composed of academics, industrialists and people concerned about the future of the world.

This non-governmental organization, with an international approach and the certainty that clean air has no borders, started its activates in Iran, which is the tenth largest steel producer in the world. By introducing more than 50 companies’ senior managers through holding various seminars and workshops, the institute manage to raise awareness and attracting support for the green steel industry. Moreover, the institute started reviewing projects to increase productivity and reduce carbon production in hope of developing a global environmental justice strategy.

Although by using the natural gas in its streel process, Iran (rank 10th in steel production in the world) manage to emits 30% less pollution than other steel producing countries in the world, but due to the size of its forests, it can only neutralize 25% of the greenhouse gas produced by its steel industries. Such a fact makes it even more necessary to focus on de-carbonization and revolutionize the industry all together.

Managers of Green Steel and Mining Strategic Institute believe that just as pollution knows no borders, it is possible to curb it with the help of global thought without borders.
Green technologies are rapidly evolving and modernizing, and the selection of domestic and foreign technological companions and partners brings us closer to the goal of reducing emissions.

 In line with its goals,SIGMAS  has formed 4 specialized departments with the presence of industrial and academic experts, which are:

  • Department of increasing energy efficiency
  • Department of increasing production process efficiency
  • Department of carbon absorption
  • Department of production based on hydrogen

Steering Committee

Mohammad Reza Karami Shahrokhi

CEO & Steering Committee Member


Mohammad Reza Ansari

Steering Committee and Board Member


Asadollah Farshad

Steering Committee Leader


Bahram Shakouri

Steering Committee and Board Member

Mahmoud Davoudi

Steering Committee and Board Member


Azizollah Assari

Steering Committee and Board Member


Mohammad Reza Akbari Jokar

Science Committee


Yadollah Saboohi

Science Committee


Hadi Nikhalat

Finance & International Relations


Mazdak Abaee

Steering Committee Secretary