Co2 emissions know no geographical or political boundries

Developing a global environmental justice strategy for the current generation and the future one

Human activities have disrupted the natural carbon absorption cycle and other greenhouse gas processes. Carbon emissions have led to climate change and global warming. Additionally, greenhouse gases have caused damage to nature, urban deterioration, and the emergence of various diseases.

The world has begun its movement to address this problem. Every day, new research and pilot projects in the fields of solar cells, wind turbines, hydrogen fuel, electric vehicles, green mining and steel, and more are being unveiled. The increasing adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources signifies the world’s seriousness in transitioning towards a carbon-free or green economy.

Although the starting point of this movement was environmental concerns, governments and international organizations have now considered both barriers and economic incentives to achieve its goals.

What have we done in this regard? The SIGMAS institute was established with the aim of organizing the movement towards a carbon-free economy in Iran. We are determined to take the necessary actions to align with the world and make the necessary efforts to make our industries greener, with a particular focus on the steel and mining industry, which contributes significantly to pollution. We hope that through these efforts, we can create a future with bluer skies and a milder climate for everyone. Read more

Strategic Institute of Green Mine and Steel

With the world moving towards new technologies, increased productivity, increased recycling, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, a group of steel and mining industry professionals in the country have taken it upon themselves to align the direction of these industries with the global movement.

The future decrease in demand for steel, as well as the reduction in production and processing costs of steel and minerals due to the emergence of new technologies and the implementation of knowledge-based management methods worldwide, is an undeniable reality. These factors will soon cause the steel and mineral products produced in the country using current methods to lose their competitive advantage in global markets. This is because production costs can even exceed the selling price. Another important issue is the pollution caused by the steel and mining industry in the country, which, although lower than the global average due to the presence of natural gas resources in the country, still contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

Sigmas, an institution consisting of prominent industrialists and academics in the country, intends to maintain the country’s competitive advantage in the steel and mining industry in global markets while taking a step towards preserving the country’s environment by reducing carbon emissions.



Strategic Institute of Green Mine and Steel  (SIGMAS) provides strategic services to preserve the competitive advantage of Iran’s steel and mineral industries in the world and reduce their pollution. Some of the services offered by this company include:

  •  Monitoring the latest developments in the steel and mining industries worldwide, especially innovations related to increasing efficiency, clean energy, and carbon emissions reduction.
  •  Monitoring the steel and mining industries in terms of productivity indicators and pollution levels.
  •  Developing strategic plans, roadmaps, and long-term visions in the field of steel and mining in the country.
  •  Monitoring the implementation of strategic plans for the steel and mining industry in the country.
  •  Collaborating with universities and higher education institutions to define and implement new and innovative research projects aimed at increasing efficiency and decarbonizing the steel and mining industries.
  •  Collaborating with foreign companies to undertake research and implementation projects in the country.





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