Towards Green Steel

Last week meeting with Mr. Engineer . Kohzad, the visionary CEO of Shadegan DRI-EAF Steel complex, was truly insightful .Our discussions focused into the forefront of technological advancements and research and development strategies aimed at enhancing green steel production, particularly focusing on the innovative DRI Midrex direct reduction furnaces.Our takeaways from this session are as follows: our engagement with Shadegan Steel emphasizes mutual commitment to technological innovation and sustainability as well as set a precedent for future collaborations that hold immense promise for transformative advancements in the steel industry. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming follow-up meeting at the Shadegan Steel complex in near future to further proceed these initiatives towards achievement.

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The resilience of steel: Navigating the crossroads

The steel industry’s outlook for the next ten years remains fragile. Company leaders can adopt a strategic approach to ride out uncertainties and mitigate risk while the industry is being reshaped. Despite unprecedented volatility, the first half of 2022 remained strong for steel players, with prices and utilization higher than historical levels and unprecedented levels of EBITDA margins across most regions. This cycle was driven mainly by positive demand outlook that followed the recovery from disruptions caused by COVID-19, as well as infrastructure spending that was both long overdue and anticipated as part of the recovery stimulus. Read more

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Oman signs $10 billion deals for green hydrogen projects

Hydrogen Oman (Hydrom), an Energy Development Oman subsidiary, has signed major agreements with international consortium to develop two green hydrogen projects in Al Wusta. The two agreements represent a total investment value of $10 billion, Zawya reported, citing the Oman News Agency.

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Chief greeting to greening mine and steel

In the operational beginning of mine and green industry path,on Sunday, 22d of Khordad 1401,the first brainstorming event of “the chief greeting mine and steel” was held accompanying interested parties and authorities of mine and steel industry and academics.

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