Towards Green Steel

Last week meeting with Mr. Engineer . Kohzad, the visionary CEO of Shadegan DRI-EAF Steel complex, was truly insightful .
Our discussions focused into the forefront of technological advancements and research and development strategies aimed at enhancing green steel production, particularly focusing on the innovative DRI Midrex direct reduction furnaces.
Our takeaways from this session are as follows:

  • Amid Iran’s prominent position as one of the top 10 steel-producing countries globally and its first rank in world as low carbon gas based DRI -EAF production , there was a consensus on the imperative need for substantial enhancements in both operational efficiency and the adoption of sustainable, low-carbon practices within the industry.
  • A notable highlight from the session was Mr. Engineer Kohzad announcement of Shadegan Steel’s ambitious plan to inject hydrogen, starting with a 10% blend into the reducing gas, with a progressive increase gradually in future. This strategic move underscores their commitment to environmental sustainability and technological advancement.
  • Shadegan Steel complex also has plan to reduce tap to tap by utilizing exhaust gas heat to preheat sponge iron input into the EAF furnace, coupled with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI)and machine learning technologies towards reducing energy consumption, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering Greener production practices.
  • The collaborative exchange also featured an innovative proposal from Professor Sobouhi of Sharif University of Technology, advocating for the utilization of Midrex furnace off gases to generate water and energy. The interest reception of this concept sets the stage for potential groundbreaking developments in the field of sustainable resource utilization.
  • enhancing EAF furnace efficiency through Digi melting , proposed by the Sigmas Institute, promises to pave the way for optimized at least 10 % efficient performance benchmarks.

our engagement with Shadegan Steel emphasizes mutual commitment to technological innovation and sustainability as well as set a precedent for future collaborations that hold immense promise for transformative advancements in the steel industry. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming follow-up meeting at the Shadegan Steel complex in near future to further proceed these initiatives towards achievement.